Mule Posts - 4-ft high Mule Corner & End Systems

$ 169.95

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Mule Fiberglass Corner and End Systems are the final answer for corner and end posts. Strong, attractive, easy to install, non- conductive, non-corrosive, no maintenance. No digging -  post attaches to auger. 

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4 ft High Mule Corner & End Systems  
A4C  Mule Double Brace Corner System
36 lbs, $169.95
A4E  -  Mule Single Brace End System
23 lbs, $112.50
5 ft High Mule Corner & End Systems  

A5C – Mule Double Brace Corner System, 48 lbs, $213.00

A5E – Mule Single Brace End System, 30 lbs., $136.00

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