$ 10.95

The Equi-Tee adapter assembly fits on your metal T-post for mounting a vinyl sight rail. Each 6 piece assembly includes all the parts necessary to mount on a T-post and install a vinyl fence rail (1.5” x 6” x 16’) and an electric line. One assembly is required for each post.

Equi-Tee adapters combine the best features for horse fencing.  The addition of this sightline adds visibility that gives you comfort in knowing you are doing what you think best for our horses. With the visibility of the vinyl rail and the safety and security of “CAMEO” you get the advantages of both while spending less than half the cost of vinyl.  In addition, covering the exposed T-posts tops adds a further measure of safety. The adapter is the world’s safest T-post cover, allowing you to mount a vinyl rail to your metal T-posts, adding visibility and strength while protecting your horse from lethal T-post impalement! 


4 holes are for pins to secure the vinyl rail.






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